Season 1: The Voices of Hatching

Seawater, the water of life, the water of nurture.

When the sea level finally engulfs the land, will the human beings - who evolved from a primitive cell in the ocean to multicelled land creatures - return to the starting point of life in order to survive?

Through the observation of nature, and the imagination of the development trend of our modern society, as well as research into the shamanic culture of northern China, Ancient Future virtualized a future marine religion called AQUINKA. In the future of frequent natural disasters and depleted resources, human beings who have returned to live in the sea have rekindled their admiration for the power of nature, just like the worship of primitive religions. This series will revolve around future marine humans who believe in AQUINKA, imagining their wear, symbols and languages, rituals, and life scenes. May we as human beings re-examine our relationship with nature.


Shaman: Umesiben Mama 

The fourth quarter “Female Sea Demon War Dance Song"

However, the King of Han in Women Island is commonly known as the Bigan witch,

Do not underestimate the thirty beautiful girls beside her,

Magical geniuses who are known for their prestige.

All tattooed; bare feet, bare muscles, long hair draped their waist,

Underarm sea bay leaves and fish skin armguards,

Can sing and dance, sing like the sound of fish,

As the saying goes, "Nima Hajiregang Uchun",

To imitate Anchang fish spit out small fish in four seasons 

The tone is like a sacrificial song,

Its meaning is incomprehensible,

Only for witches to communicate.

Their dance is spectacular,

Fascinating the enemy.

The tattooed dancers skillfully apply the nine-color island mud on skin,

Encountering the enemy, they start fight like queen bees,

Dumb dance, all colors shake.

Suddenly they are dancing like a swaying lonely branch,

Suddenly like a sea anemone- unfurled arms,

Suddenly like seafood - colors dye the ground,

Suddenly like the ground and island lotus blooming.

The colors mottled,

the posture is peculiar.

Shrinking and stretching,

Shaking and moving.

The foreign enemy is infatuated with emotion,


Melting and captivated,

Captured unconditionally,

Women Island is not cold in all seasons,

Rest and sleep in the cave.

The witch protects herself with vines,

Moving with the wind,

South and North,

West and East,

Arranging fragrant fruits and surimi in the cave,

To lure outcomers into the cave because of hunger and thirst,

The turtle in the urn throws itself into the cage.