Qin Xu is an active jewelry artist, fiber artist, product designer, and freelance writer based in Shanghai and New York. She has won the first prize in the Brazilian FIO Contemporary Jewelry Contest and was the finalist of many international art jewelry competitions such as ENJOIA'T  in Spain and So Fresh + So Clean in the United States. She graduated from the Home Product Design Department of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts and she received a master of art degree in Industrial Design in 2017. She is currently studying at the Metal and Jewelry Design program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her works have been published by VOGUE, ATMOS, YIT, Harper's Bazaar, IDEAT China, Modern Weekly, Instyle Mag, GQ STYLE, Nylon, VoyageLA, FAZ QUARTERLY, and many other international media platforms. Her works have been exhibited in art galleries such as UCCA in Beijing, Galeria Alice Floriano in Brazil, and A-FAD in Spain. In 2019, she successfully held her first solo exhibition "Little Orange Fire" at MOON HANDMADE STUDIO.

“Through using organic forms and natural materials in my art works, I want to establish a particular connection between nature and human beings on the one hand, the self, and the outside world on the other hand. The human body and nature drive me to explore the boundaries of different worlds using synaesthesia and intuition. Through the creation of works, I transform my strong emotions and mysterious sensations into entities, and lead everyone to capture the fragments of the invisible worlds that pass by.”

Suka Liao is an independent multimedia artist and designer, striving to find a balance between fantasy and classic art styles. He started working in games, film, and television production in 2016 and has cooperated with famous directors such as Lu Chuan and Tian Li. He is the organizer of CG events such as GGAC and art, and a special lecturer for art media. He also serves as an art lecturer at TEX Concept.

"The reality and illusion of beauty have come from nature, and nature endows beauty with all its symbols. Beauty exists both in the past, and in the future."